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The Marais Vernier marshes cover some 11,000 acres of land that were once a meander in the River Seine, and forms a natural ‘amphitheatre’ of biodiversity. It constitutes an important migration corridor for wild birds and is recognised at European level for its diverse fauna and flora.

The Marais Vernier makes up the largest acreage of peat in France and is relatively well preserved since little has been stripped out in the past. From the observation deck, you will be able to see field patterns that are unique in France, appreciate the variety of landscapes and, with the help of display panels, better understand how the area is managed.

Le Marais Vernier

It’s best to follow the Thatched Cottage trail by bike or the Marais Vernier Discovery trail on foot, which will lead you into the heart of the wetlands. The Marais Vernier is an extensive area of land with a high rate of humidity, protected by reed beds and water meadows full of ospreys and grey herons, peregrine falcons and white storks, and even Camargue horses! Why not stop at the Grand’Mare to indulge in serious bird-watching over the lake or walk up to the Saint-Samson-de-la-Roquelighthouse for a superb panoramic view of the marshes and the Seine estuary.


Roumois Seine Tourist Office
12 rue Maréchal Leclerc, Le Bosc-Roger-en-Roumois, 27670 Bosroumois

GPS coordinates for the Marais Vernier (the Marais Vernier is both an area and a village)