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A huge herd of hundreds of bisons in the heart of the Normandy countryside? No, you’re not dreaming, you’re in the Rêve de Bisons Park!

Into the wild

On a lush, green hillside in the Eawy Forest, this site is home to Europe’s largest Canadian bison farm. Over 200 hardy animals roam freely and peacefully on 50 acres of land, where you can enjoy a meal at the restaurant with a very Canadian vibe, authentic tipis, an arts and crafts store and learn all about the animals on an exciting jeep tour. There is now also a new wolf park to enjoy!

Fancy spending a night in a tipi? The Rêve de Bisons‘ Tipi Hotel is comfy, cosy and fully equipped, so add it to your bucket list!

Spend the night in a colourful comfy tipi