Discover Normandy’s latest major attraction in Pont-l’Évêque, at the heart of the Calvados department. Opened in 2018, this living history museum is devoted to Calvados apple brandy and the secrets of its production. It brilliantly combines audio, visual and sensory effects to allow all visitors, young and old, an educational and illuminating glimpse into the culture of this traditional spirit, and Normandy’s history and culinary heritage.

A multi-sensory experience celebrating Calvados

Immerse in the wonderful journey of Calvados, the apple brandy native to Normandy. This exciting world-class visitor attraction is housed in the famous Père Magloire’s former warehouses, refurbished by Spirit France, the global Calvados producer.

Covering 3,000m2, this multi-sensory and interactive one-hour tour guides visitors through the history of Normandy, from the Vikings to present days, and through the production of Calvados starting with the simple apple. 

The perfect introduction to Calvados

During the tour, the visitor’s journey is like an immersive walk through movie sets.  Visitors step back in time in a typical pre-war Norman village of half-timbered cottages, complete with a farm and market place. They stroll among apple trees in the lifelike orchard room. They learn about the production process in the apple-press and fermentation room, along with the art of distillation and the traditional know-how of ageing and blending. This is where all the magic of Calvados happens.


The tour culminates in a Calvados tasting where an expert guides visitors through three distinct criteria: the appearance, the nose and the palate.  After learning how to look, smell, taste and savour the flavour, you’ll be able to sip like a true Calvados Connoisseur! Open to all ages, there is a tasty non-alcoholic alternative for under 18s: fresh Normandy organic apple juice.


  • 6,000,000 bottles of Calvados are produced every year
  • Calvados has a reputation for being a high-end beverage in most international markets
  • Calvados is the only spirit with a fruity taste, making it ideal for cocktails!


Calvados Experience
Route de Trouville, 14130 Pont-l’Evêque

Tours are available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
Minimum tour diration: 75 minutes
The tour includes two tastings (non-alcoholic drinks for children)
On-site bar, shop and picnic area

The Cider Route

The Cider Route