Medieval Normandy Brochure

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Visiting Normandy is like stepping back in time to the Middle Ages!

Today, the rich, rural landscape of Normandy is peaceful. But beyond its tranquillity lies a turbulent past. Historical figures such as the Viking chief Rollo, Richard the Lionheart, William the Conqueror and Joan of Arc played a significant part in shaping Normandy in the Middle Ages. Evidence of Normandy’s glorious medieval history can still be seen throughout the region today. From medieval castles to religious architecture like the Mont-Saint-Michel or Jumièges Abbey, open-air museums to collections of artefacts in museums such as the Bayeux Tapestry, Normandy’s medieval heritage has something for anyone with a passion for history.

Download our Medieval Normandy brochure and start planning your next history-themed holiday to the region! Packed with historic sites to visit, things to see and do, and practical advice for getting around, it’s got everything you need to plan your trip.  

Download the digital brochure here or pick up a free copy at locations across Normandy.

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