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Blessed with unique natural scenery, the coastline of Normandy is the ideal setting for nautical events. Sailing competitions, boat shows, concerts and entertainment, you’ll find all the necessary components to have the time of your life by the sea. Here’s our selection of the best nautical and sailing events taking place across the region.


Fécamp Grand'Escale

Postponed to July 2021, the Fécamp Grand’Escale will be a celebration of maritime cultures, where the fishing port of Fécamp will take on a festival atmosphere and showcase some of the largest European sailing ships for the public to admire.



Useful information

Fécamp Grand’Escale
Quai Sadi Carnot
76400 Fécamp

Postponed to July 2021


Tour de France sailing race in Dieppe

Join us in Dieppe this summer for a festive stopover of the famous Tour de France sailing race. Enthusiastic sailors, amateurs, up-and-coming youngsters and professionals come together to confront the challenging swells of Dieppe.



Useful information

Tour de France à la voile
Boulevard Maréchal Foch
76200 Dieppe

6-7 July 2020


Coutainville la Plage

Coutainville la Plage is back this summer, providing a great opportunity to explore Normandy’s coastline differently.  An exciting event featuring sports activities, wellness, live entertainment and concerts wouldn’t go amiss, right?

Useful information

Coutainville la Plage
6 rue Milon
50230 Agon-Coutainville

31 July - 2 August 2020


Open de France de Dragon in Deauville

This summer, the seaside resort of Deauville plays host to the Linkers Open de France de Dragon. One of the biggest sailing competitions in Europe, this event attracts more and more dragon sailing boats every year, gathering to sail for four days on a technical course off the coast of Deauville. A challenging race for competitors, a truly beautiful show for spectators! 

Useful information

Deauville Yacht Club
Quai de la Marine
14800 Deauville

20-23 June 2020


Festival des Voiles de Travail in Granville

With over 50,000 spectators in 2019, the popular Festival des Voiles de Travail held in Granville is a tribute to all sailors and boat workers, and a true celebration of Granville and Normandy’s nautical and maritime heritage.


Useful information

Festival des Voiles de Travail
197 avenue des Vendéens
50400 Granville

19-23 August 2020

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