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School’s out for summer and sunny days are upon us! With longer days and more relaxed rules, we decided to treat our two boys Sacha and Ilan and our goddaughter Hannah to a sleepover they’d never forget at Cerza Safari Park. Here’s our account of our out-of-the-ordinary family experience with the animals…

A safari lodge with terrace overlooking the savannah 

Our wooden safari lodge is so cosy!  Designed to give us an up-close and personal overnight wildlife experience like no other, we feel transported to the heart of a real savannah… in the Pays d’Auge! The terrace offers spectacular panoramic views overlooking camels grazing before our eyes. Captivated, the kids have definitely entered a land of adventure!  

An encounter with lovable wallabies

Off we go! We decide to explore our surroundings and surprisingly come across the cutest wallabies peacefully napping under the lodges. Belonging to the same mammal family as kangaroos, these little guys steal our hearts with their super sweet faces.

a fun-filled Day ahead

Tomorrow is the big day, and will be a great surprise for the kids. The accommodation package we have booked includes a VIP safari; a hands-on experience which offers a unique insight into what life is like as a zookeeper. This guided tour on a cart provides exclusive behind-the-scenes access that enables kids to enjoy both the wonders of wildlife and the world of zookeeping!

© Thib’s Prod / Lumières Marines Prod

Let the aventure  begin!

After a delicious breakfast, we meet Clémence, our guide for the day. We join her in the cart branded ‘VIP safari’, itching to experience this behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a zookeeper. Clémence reminds us the safety rules to follow when we enter the animals’ enclosures. All kind of animals from the four corners of the planet roam freely here with a wild instinct so we had better watch out! Our safari begins. As we go through the first gate, we feel extremely lucky to have exclusive access to areas rarely seen by the general public.  

An immersive educational day out © Thib’s Prod / Lumières Marines Prod

Breakfast with Spectacled bears

As we enter the spectacled bears’ sanctuary, they immediately run towards us as if they were waiting for their breakfast! They heard us coming and sense we have treats for them. Clémence picks up a large bucket at the back of the cart filled with fruits, vegetables and granules. The kids get to feed the bears some delicious snacks and we all spend a wonderful time getting to know the only surviving species of bear native to South America. We move on to the deers’ enclosure to feed them while carefully listening to the guide’s captivating anecdotes on her career and animal behaviors, highlighting her dedication to animal welfare.  

Learning about Wildlife conservation

The good thing about a morning tour is that animals are quite active and it feels like they actually enjoy the keeper’s visit! The polar bears are particularly friendly. The kids’ reaction encountering the largest living land carnivore is exuberant. They also understand polar bears are under threat due to the loss of their habitat and the importance of taking care of the environment as it has a significant impact on the lives of animals. Clémence gives us precious information about wildlife conservation, a major focus of the zoo involved in breeding programs for species at risk of extinction. What an immersive experience for our family!  


Tucked away in the picturesque Pays d’Auge , this safari park is home to some 800 wild animals across almost 150 acres of land dedicated to the breeding and reproduction of endangered species.

Cerza Safari Lodges @Julien Tack


VIP safari and overnight stay in a lodge – Cerza Safari Park
Départementale 143, 14100 Hermival-les-Vaux


VIP safari: (lodge residents only): €199 for six people max – 2h


Overnight stay in a safari lodge (breakfasts and the park entrances included)

From €329


Overnight stay in a premium safari lodge (breakfasts and the park entrances included)

From €399


Open all year round (date to be confirmed with the team of the Cerza Safari Park)

Catering at Cerza Safari Park available

Opening Times

Cerza Safari Park is usually open every day from February to November

All of the above information is subject to change



Boasting excellent communication skills with animals and people alike, Clémence has been working at Cerza Safari Park for six years now. She is absolutely passionate about animal welfare and thrives on sharing her knowledge and bringing visitors to the safari park closer to wildlife.

A foodie bike tour with local guide

A foodie bike tour with local guide

A spot of fossil hunting

A spot of fossil hunting