Giverny and its surroundings

The dreamy water-lily ponds created by the supreme Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, gave him his greatest artistic inspiration and have made this little Seine-side village celebrated across the world.

See Giverny...

...and experience Impressionism in the "si beau pays" of Claude Monet

See Giverny and live Impressionism…. As you tour this village and its surrounding area, you will experience the same sensations that inspired Claude Monet: landscapes whose appearance alters with the changing of the light and wind, explosions of colours, cascades of flowers, endless reflections of the light. Plunge into this picturesque setting by visiting the museums and galleries that line the streets of Giverny, and by walking alongside the Seine in the footsteps of the master of Impressionism.

In 1883 Claude Monet left Poissy to live in Giverny where he would remain for 43 years. He experienced joys in the village and the death of loved ones, but above all his time in the village was marked by international recognition for his series of Lilies, Haystacks and Poplars.

All these works were inspired with passion in Giverny, which still remains the “si beau pays” described by Claude Monet to his art dealer Paul Durand-Ruel.

 (c) Bischoff Andrea