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Whether you plan on a dedicated trip or are lookig to include the region as part of a wider tour, Normandy remains the ideal destination with a mixture of France’s best heritage, culture, food, countryside and entertainment, complete with authentic, unique and unforgettable tourist experiences.

Our values

Normandy is committed to sustainable development in order to collectively prepare ourselves for the tourism of tomorrow. It is our responsibility to stand alongside professionals, encouraging them to be more responsible in this regard, and to improve what they have on offer to the visiting public. Green initiatives will enable us to manage the flow of tourists without being merely passive onlookers and limit the environmental effects that risk overwhelming our ecosystems. Tomorrow’s generations will be increasingly interested in how Normandy can be visited without having to rely on the motor car. It is our hope that in years to come, people will visit our region and say ‘ah yes, here, they understood how important it all was’.

six good reasons to come to normandy

the major sites

Normandy is internationally renowned for its world famous sites: the Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay, Etretat and its dramatic cliffs, the D-Day Landing Beaches, Claude Monet’s house and gardens in Giverny, Rouen with its majestic cathedral, the Bayeux Tapestry, the Haras du Pin national stud and Deauville to name but a few…

d-day and the battle of normandy

On June 6th 1944, Normandy became world-famous for the part it played in D-Day when Allied troops broke through Nazi defenses to liberate occupied France in WWII. Today, Normandy has many sites, museums, monuments and events which commemorate and celebrate this key period in modern history.

Véhicules militaires sur la plage d'Arromanches - D-Day
© Séverine Frères

slow tourism

Too often travel involves rushing from one airport to the next, keen to cram in sight after sight, and complete a tightly packed itinerary. In Normandy you can rediscover the importance of slowing things down and go for quality over quantity. Cycling for instance is a great way of soaking up the local atmosphere and traditions, and with over 310 miles (500km) of greenways, you can combine the fresh air with sightseeing.

Balade en gyropode à Caen
© Caen la Mer Tourisme

birthplace of impressionism

As the spiritual birthplace of Impressionism, Normandy has inspired many great artists to create images which live on in the collective consciousness today. With its unique lighting, magical seascapes, dramatic monuments and dreamy countryside, Normandy offered the perfect backdrop for Impressionist painters.

The Alabaster Coast
© Valérie Joannon

gastronomic normandy

Normandy is a true gourmet’s treasure trove with its emblematic cheeses: Camembert, Livarot, Neufchâtel, Pont-L’Evêque and apple-based drinks such as calvados, cider and pommeau. Seafood is plentiful, however if you prefer meat dishes, roasted lamb from the salt meadows around the Mont-Saint-Michel is a must.

© David Parry

medieval normandy

Steeped in our common history, Normandy invites you to go back in time to retrace the footsteps of William the Conqueror, Richard the Lionheart and Joan of Arc. Explore the rich medieval history of Normandy’s architectural heritage with its chateaux, abbeys and museums.

Son et lumière à l'abbaye du Mont-St-Michel
© S. Boulanger / Normandy Tourism

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