Isigny-sur-Mer harbour

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Isigny sur Mer Port de plaisance en centre ville
Isigny sur Mer bateaux de plaisance à quai
Isigny sur Mer zone marnante
Iisgny sur Mer Station service à proximité du port
Isigny sur Mer bateaux moteur à quai
Isigny sur Mer balises
Isigny sur Mer vue aérienne
Isigny sur Mer port
isigny sur Mer – Port de plaisance et chantiers

An inland harbour where salt and fresh water meet. Here, the sea birds take rest in the cow fields. To reach Isigny, simply work your way up the River Aure, as you pass the bankside reeds, and listen to the wind in the grasses… until you finally catch a glimpse of the rooftops and a few masts. A small harbour. A stopover with a hint of exploration, far from the usual marina. A typical setting amidst the marshes. A real change of scenery!



  • Shower
  • Car park
  • Toilet block
  • Careening area


  • Boat ramp
  • Service station