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Located in Honfleur, the indoor and air-conditioned Naturospace offers an astonishing journey in an Amazonian-style biotope where tropical butterflies fly free. It is home to around a hundred species from South America, South-East Asia and Africa. The plant collections, an essential ingredient in reproducing a natural environment, include several, often rare species, particularly from the Acanthus, Araceous, Heliconia or Orchid families. Particular attention is paid to floral diversity and the presentation of useful tropical plants (fruits and spices). Multicoloured tropical birds can also be seen flying freely. Visit lasts 1 hour.

Ratings and quality marks

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Base rate - full rate adult : up to 9,10 € Child rate : up to 7,10 € Rate for families : up to 35,50 € Rate for adult group : 7,60 € School group rate : 5,80 € School group rate : 4,80 €
Price Min. Max.
Base rate - full rate adult 0€ 9,10€
Child rate 0€ 7,10€
Rate for families 0€ 35,50€
Rate for adult group 7,60€
School group rate 5,80€
School group rate 4,80€




  • Picnic area
  • Auditorium
  • Film projection room
  • Baby changing area


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  • Bicycle parking
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