Mesnil Soleil nature reserve

Natural heritage, 


Les monts d’Eraines. / © Thierry Houyel
Thierry HOUYEL
Chèvre des fossés aux monts d’Eraines. / © Thierry Houyel
Thierry HOUYEL
Le côteau calcaire des Monts d’Eraines. / © Thierry Houyel
Thierry HOUYEL

Mesnil-Soleil Hill is in Damblainville. It is the southern most part of the Monts d’Eraines range of hills. It rises to 156 meters over 50 mètres
It’s base is a chalk sediment, it is south facing which makes it very warm, extremely steep all of which explain the presence of a particular types of vegetation which is unique in Lower Normandy.
This environment has led to the development of a whole series of flora and fauna characteristic of hot dry grasslands.
You find some rare plants for example this is the only place the Coronilla minima is in found in the whole of lower Normandy, the giant self-heal is not found elsewhere in north west France. Orchids are found in abundance as are lots of other plants characteristic of these grassland areas.
A large number of insects are needed to propagate a natural environment such as this. As well as other types of insects, there are over 200 species of butterflies and moths.


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