D-Day Omaha Museum

Patrimoine culturel,


Vue aérienne de la Pointe du Hoc sur les plages du débarquement en Normandie
S. Guichard
Omaha Beach
S. Guichard

Thousands of original exhibits within an authentically American period display of over 3,000m2 in the heart of Omaha Beach, just 200 metres from the beach.

Located between the Normandy American Cemetery (4km) and Pointe du Hoc (7km), the museum boasts a unique collection compiled over fifty years by a passionate father, since passed, who has left his sons with the legacy of perpetuating remembrance.


Base rate - full rate adult : 6 € Child rate : 3,50 € Reduced rate : 5 €
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Base rate - full rate adult 6€
Child rate 3,50€
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