Palais Bénédictine


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The story began back in 1510 at the Abbey of Fécamp, when it is said that the Benedictine monk and alchemist Dom Bernado Vincelli created a secret elixir. It seems that in 1863 Alexandre Le Grand, a collector of religious art, found among his collection of old tomes the recipe for the elixir, lost during the French Revolution. After much trial and error, he succeeded in deciphering the mysterious recipe and producing a liqueur that he named "Benedictine”. He built the Palais Bénédictine in honour of his liqueur, and it has been produced there ever since. Apart from the distillery with its copper stills and the many different plants and spices that go into Benedictine, the Palace also houses Alexandre Le Grand’s collection of items of religious art, as well as a modern art gallery where temporary exhibitions are held, refl ecting the founder’s passion for all forms of art
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Palais Bénédictine

110 rue Alexandre Le Grand

76400 FECAMP


Railway station at 600km

Phone : 02 35 10 26 10

Fax : 02 35 28 50 81


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    Further informationImportant: The palais Bénédictine is the only place where the Bénédictine liqueur is made. Museum, Spices room, distillery, cellars. -


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