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There’s nothing like Normandy in summertime. Warm weather is one thing but every so often we do get a heatwave! So how can you beat the heat and enjoy your time in Normandy during a heatwave on your holidays? Here are our top ideas for activities that will keep you cool as the temperatures soar.

Take a swim in a sea-water pool

The highest tides in Europe are found in the bay of the Mont Saint-Michel so sometimes the sea can go out more than 15 kilometers away from the coast. Don’t panic, there are wonderful options to avoid walking that far for an outdoor swim. Try in the swimming pools filled with fresh sea water on the coast of Granville, Donville-les-Bains, or in Saint-Pair-Sur-Mer.

Cool off in a natural, sustainable outdoor pool

In the south of the Eure department, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the sustainable swimming-pool of Rugles, a natural swimming pool that requires no chemicals to maintain because it is a self-cleaning mini-ecosystem. Aquatic plants replace chlorine so kids have no chance of getting these stingy, puffy and red eyes swimming in this pool!  

Children in a swimming pool in Normandy
Swimming in Normandy © L. Sokolovska / Fotolia.com

Go deep underground

In the heart of the Calvados bocage, embark on a fabulous journey to visit former underground slate mines in Caumont l’Eventé. The Souterroscope is probably one of the coolest place in Normandy all year round: temperatures underground are around 12° so make sure you are wearing warm clothing and closed shoes to explore this underworld brought to life with a spectacular light show.


Visit one of Normandy’s best ice cream parlours

Normandy’s countryside makes ideal grazing for dairy herds and cattle, so it’s no surprise the region is a paradise for ice-cream lovers or anyone with a sweet tooth! There’s nothing like homemade ice cream to keep cool. With artisanal ice cream makers and farms around the region increasingly going above and beyond to satisfy the French’s love of summer indulgences, there’s never been a better time to visit one of Normandy’s best ice cream parlours.

Try WAKE-BOARDING on France’s longest cable wake park

Thrill seekers, this one is for you! Wakeboarding is a super-accessible sport that anyone can get involved in Léry-Poses leisure park in the Eure, an all-encompassing outdoor adventure and watersports centre. Set in the middle of a huge lake, the longest cable in France will pull you along on a 1km ride!

Admire the highest waterfall in western France

In the town of Mortain, the waters of the Cance River and Cançon River converge in two magnificent waterfalls. The 25m-high Grande Cascade de Mortain waterfall is the highest in western France. This natural site can be reached via numerous walking trails and offers a full-on atmospheric experience for hikers, surrounded by shaded, dense vegetation!

Mortain waterfall

Visit Normandy’s coolest religious buildings

Even if you’re not religious, the thick stone walls of Normandy’s abbeys, churches and cathedrals make for a wonderfully cool interior. Head for Rouen Cathedral, the crypt of Bayeux Cathedral or the modern St Joseph’s Church in Le Havre, which are all open to the public.

Le Havre église Saint-Joseph
St Joseph’s Church in Le Havre © P. Jeanson

Seek shade in the forest

Take shelter from the sun’s rays on a walk through the wood of Lyons la Forêt, in the Eure département. Famed to be one of the most beautiful beech forests in France and even in Europe, you’re guaranteed shade from the sun under this extensive tree canopy. While you’re there, make a stop in Lyons-La-Forêt, officially listed as one of the ‘most beautiful villages in France’.

Take a boat trip aboard the Marité

How about a boat trip around the Bay of Granville Bay or the Chausey Islands on a legendary boat under a scorching sun? Sounds like a good chance to get some fresh air and a decent tan, right? Plus you’ll get to sail a boat steeped history and heritage! The Marité started off as a cod fishing and merchant ship, and was the last witness to a fantastic human adventure: deep-sea fishing off the shores of Newfoundland.

Wear light linen clothes

Flax is grown all around Normandy and the region has become an area of excellence in the production of almost 50% of the world’s quality linen fibres. Ideal to wear in hot weather, you’ll find shops around the region such as Isa Lin créations and La Vitrine du Lin selling great linen clothes for the whole family!

Fishing in family in Calvados
Family fishing party in Calvados © L. Dechamps / Calvados Attractivité

Find a shadY terrace

Why not head to one of our charming coastal towns and settle on a shady terrace to knock back a cool local cider or organic apple juice? There are loads of terraces to choose from where you can relax in the shade and enjoy a beautiful sea view.

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