If you go down in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise! You certainly won’t be expecting this discovery trail of unusual art installations in the Forêt Verte just north of Rouen. These installations are on display until September 2021, and in addition to being photogenic and fun, carry an important environmental message.


A visual feast for photographers, and a fantasy-themed adventure for children, the discovery trail is around three miles long, and features 13 art installations by artists from France and beyond, all of them inspired by nature. The Aiora (‘swing’ in Greek) installation features 20m-long tree which, although uprooted, is the symbol of life’s eternal cycle. The giant table and chairs provide a bit of fun for visitors by reducing them to the size of dolls, while you can actually climb inside the mouth of the NIDHÖGG installation, a 28m-long snake-cum-dragon conjured up by a sculptor and architect, and crawl all the way down to its stomach. Great fun, or a bit hard to swallow – make of it what you will!

Protect the environment

Above and beyond the aesthetic aspect of these art installations is the environmental message they carry. About a third of metropolitan area of Rouen is covered by forest, and this discovery trail highlights the challenges facing the environment and the need for us to protect it. The Monumental Forest is part of a wider programme to raise awareness of these issues and encourage people to enjoy the three forests around Rouen, all labelled ‘exceptional’ by the Rouen Metropolitan Area and National Forests Office. Art carries a clear message…


La Forêt Monumentale: A discovery trail of monumental art installations in the Forêt Verte
Chemin de la Forêt Verte, 76230 Bois-Guillaume


Free admittance, open 24/7


Until September 2021

The French Government and health authorities have announced the closure of many tourist attractions to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Please check this tourist attraction’s official website or social media channels before undertaking any travel.

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