Normandy Battlefields for Peace

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Normandy Battlefields for Peace is all about remembering in order to take action. This meaningful and value-laden initiative involves collecting funds in the form of donations from visitors and tourism professionals in Normandy and donating them to a humanitarian NGO: Handicap International.

Remembrance calls for action!

Normandy Battlefields for Peace is a solidarity initiative inspired by the Somme Battlefields for Peace project. Two territories scarred by history that today are committed to helping countries and populations scarred by terrible conflicts around the world.

All the funds raised will be used to support Handicap International in its efforts with civilians: mine clearance, disarmament, support for victims of armed conflicts, etc.

This approach represents a further step towards more virtuous and committed tourism.

Lest we forget
Towards more meaningful and committed tourism
Supporting solidarity

How can I contribute to Normandy Battlefields for peace?

You can help by making a donation at partner sites and venues during your stay in Normandy. Many donation boxes have been set up.

Donations can also be made online via the Essentiem endowment fund’s dedicated and secure website.

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