Gardens of the Château du Champ de Bataille

Cultural Heritage, 


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Salon d’Hercule, Château du Champ de Bataille © Eric Sander
Carré de Diane et d’Apollon, Château du Champ de Bataille © David Alépée

The Château du Champ de Bataille is one of the most important private constructions and restoration works in France. An architectural masterpiece with 17th century furniture. A unique collection of royal furniture and objects. A harmonious design of 44 hectares (108 acres) of French landscape gardens inspired by Antiquity since 1992. The unequalled talent and skill of the renowned interior designer and owner Jacques Garcia restored the Château du Champ de Bataille to its original splendour. Combining history, extravagance, passion, creation, imagination, poetry, beauty and longevity.

Ratings and quality marks

  • Jardin remarquable
  • Normandie Qualité Tourisme



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