Follow the educational nature trail through the Pré Bourbeaux Forest

Patrimoine naturel,


Sentier pédagogique de la forêt du Pré bourbeux © Conches en Ouche

In the heart of the Eure Department, come and meet trees, plants, birds and insects from the Norman forests. In Conches-en-Ouche, the Prés Bourbeux Forest is a protected area for walks and recreation with an observation point, a picnic area, petanque grounds and a playground for children. Two discovery trails - one short (2 km / 1.2 miles) and one longer (3.5 km / 2.1 miles) allow visitors to explore this natural area at their own pace. And what a pleasure to learn how to recognize the different species living and growing there: Scots pine, common heather, oak, silver birch, honeysuckle, Lanius shrike, common linnet, warbler, tree pipit, and more. A lesson about nature.
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  • Groups welcome