Exposition permanente Sur les Pas des Maquisards

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In St-Etienne-l'Allier, in the Lieuvin Normand region, learn about the story of the Resistance movement Maquis Surcouf, led by the illustrious Robert Leblanc during World War II.
After the defeat in 1940, in St-Etienne-l'Allier, Robert Leblanc, a humble grocer, founded a Resistance network called Maquis Surcouf. With 300 armed men, it is considered as the most important underground resistance group in Normandy. The Surcouf joined the Allies during the Liberation of Normandy and continued as the 1st march batallion in Normandy. The permanent exhibition "Sur les Pas des Maquisards" (Follow the footsteps of the Maquisards) is divided into several themes that explain, among other things, daily life under the German Occupation, the Maquis' operations, the Liberation, the martyrs of the Resistance Movement, the Maquis Surcouf Memorial and other places of remembrance. The Maquis Surcouf Resistance Movement was founded in the Lieuvin area in 1942 and developed thanks to the extraordinary network of holloways and isolated farms in this area. Thanks to their actions, the men belonging to the Maquis made the area dangerous and hostile for the German troops.


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