Abbey of Bonport

Patrimoine culturel,


Located 25 minutes south of Rouen in a big park overlooking the river Seine, this Cistercian abbey was founded in 1189 by Richard the Lionheart. He almost drowned in the river Seine and would have vowed to build a monastery where he would be able to reach land safely. The abbey was sold as national property in 1791. Some monastic buildings from the Middle-Ages are still visible today: the Chapter House, the workshop, the cellar, the kitchens and the 13th century vaulted refectory. Don't wait, go and explore this jewel of a Norman Abbey!


Base rate - full rate adult : 5 € Child rate : 3 € Rate for adult group : 4 €
Price Min. Max.
Base rate - full rate adult 5€
Child rate 3€
Rate for adult group 4€




  • Baby changing area
  • Parking for families


  • Animals welcome
  • Groups welcome
  • Can be privatised