Domaine Albizia – La Chambre 1424

Hébergements locatifs,


Chambre 1424 – Livry
Stéphane Maurice
Domaine Albizia le Rêve de Pan - Clévacances
Domaine d'Albizia
Domaine Albizia le Rêve de Pan - Clévacances
Domaine d’Albizia à Livry – chambre 1424
Domaine d'Albizia

Come and spend an unforgettable night that begins, as soon as dusk falls, amidst the planted maze where you will need to unearth your room key before continuing your adventure by searching for the solutions to a series of riddles. Then the true murder party begins... find as many clues as you can and perfect your investigation to discover who the guilty party. But be careful, each stage of the game is equally important if you want to win. You can also enhance your evening over a visit to the spa. Will you succeed in solving all the mysteries of room 1424?