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Want to offer colleagues a different perspective, build better professional relationships and boost work morale? With so many of us having to work from home at the moment, unable to travel far or meet up, companies are fast discovering new ways of interacting with colleagues, clients, partners, distributors and suppliers. Here is a novel idea for a virtual teambuilding activity…

There has never been a better time to reinvent corporate events and try out new ways to build and maintain professional relationships. Business tourism agency Détour & Découverte is here to help provide your company with innovative ideas for your next team-building activity!

Human interaction and teambuilding lie at the heart of this virtual murder mystery party, encouraging group interaction and participation, making for a memorable experience. Putting together unusual tailor-made business events is a passion for Laure, who runs Détour & Découverte, and for her partners, and this passion runs through all the events the agency offers, including virtual ones.

Divided into teams and placed in different interrogation rooms, participants are presented with the witnesses and suspects involved in a heinous crime. They must interrogate the suspects and get hold of and study the police forensic reports, covering fingerprints, DNA analysis and more, to piece together the various clues. Time is of the essence, with only two hours to complete the investigation before participants must hand in their online report to the chief inspector. Team members will have to work together closely separate the truth from the lies to work out who dunnit and why!

The murder mystery party package:
• A two-hour event (100% virtual)
• Professional actors
• Immersive videos
• 10 to 100 participants


Laure Mercier
[email protected]
+33 (0)2 33 60 31 12 / +33 (0)6 29 41 06 27 (mobile)