La Normandie en 2CV



La Normandie en 2 CV – Pierrefitte en Auge
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La Normandie en 2cv 2018 2
Les dedeuches à Eugène
La Normandie en 2 CV – Beaumont en Auge
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Batteries de Longues sur Mer_Les Deudeuches à Eugène
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La Normandie en 2 CV – Sur la Côte de Grâce
P. Gombert
La Normandie en 2 CV – Prêtes au départ
P. Gombert
Pays d’Auge_Les Deudeuches à Eugène
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2CV Port en Bessin
2cv Normandie
Port de pêche à port en Bessin
Les deudeuches à Eugène
HONFLEUR_Les Deudeuches à Eugène
Les Deudeuches à Eugène
La Normandie en 2cv 2018 4
Les dedeuches à Eugène
La Normandie en 2cv 2018 1
Les dedeuches à Eugène
La Normandie en 2cv 2018 5
Les dedeuches à Eugène
La Normandie en 2cv 2018 6
Les dedeuches à Eugène
La Normandie en 2cv 2018 7
Les dedeuches à Eugène

An ideal and original activity for your conferences or incentive events!

2CV Rallies in the Pays d'Auge
In the company of your own guide, set off to discover the region's most beautiful villages and landscapes, along the Touques valley.On your way, several stops (distillery tour, cheese, poiré and pommeau tasting in a typical Norman farm, insight into local traditions, etc) are also an opportunity to change drivers.
Cars are linked by radio, enabling you to listen to your guide's comments and to answer the questionnaire provided at the start of the rally.
At the finish, the winning team is awarded a prize!
Suitable for groups of 11 to 60 participants.

2CV Rally in the Bessin
Discover the Bessin and the D-Day Landing beaches aboard a "Deudeuche" (Citroën 2CV)!
An entertaining and novel way to delve into one of international history's most remarkable chapters, whilst discovering local culture and gastronomy.
Having left Mr Legrand's farm behind you in Vaucelles (not far from Bayeux), it's down the little country lanes that you will realize just to what extend Normandy has been carred by World War II onflict. The Longues artillery battery and the artificial harbour in Arromanches bear witness to these events.
The Bessin offers a wealth of local products and crafts. The proof of this can be found in the oyster parks in Asnelles and the fishing harbour in Port en Bessin. The region also possesses some remarkable buildings such as the cathedral in Bayeux and numerous fortified chateaux and farms.
Take a ride in a classic French car, the Citroen Deux Chevaux (or the Deudeuche as it's affectionately called). The trip, which lasts half a day, will take you around the most beautiful historic sites and landscapes of the Bayeux region.
Participants take turns behind the wheel, changing drivers at each stop on the itinerary if they so desire.
A guide accompanies you, explaining all the various local and historic curiosities.
The cars are linked by radio. A retro musical show from the good old days of the 2CV and historical anecdotes are broadcast throughout the ride.
The following options are included: explore Port en Bessin with its fishing and ship repair industries; take our 2CV mechanical challenge; join us for a whelk and shrimp tasting at the water's edge with a glass of cider or apple juice. Optional: screening at the Arromanches 360 circular cinema.

Rate: €68/person, based on a 4-man team for a half-day rally; €99 for a full day.