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Le Hangar à Énigmes invites you to try out an escape game in which over 100 people can take part at the same time, with 8 escape game rooms (and 7 themes of games), 6 virtual reality game stations and 2 outdoors escape games that take place in Deauville’s streets!

le hangar à énigmes

Receptio, le Hangar à Enigmes
Reception, le Hangar à Enigmes © Le Hangar à Enigmes

Divided into teams of between 3 and 6 players, you’ll have to solve mysteries and team games lasting a maximum of 60 minutes, all against amazing backdrops worthy of a film set! Choose from: organising a bank robbery; escaping from a prison; the magic shop; the hold of a pirate ship; and more besides !

Pushing you to take decisions for yourself or in teams; communicating clearly with your fellow team members; bearing in mind the time pressures – take part in a unique team experience for your next corporate event! Opting for the Duel format, our teams can also organise competitions in which the time each team takes is recorded and a grand winner is then announced !

You’ll be greeted with welcome drinks, then briefed by our teams before embarking on your great adventure. Working closely in your teams, create bonds between your participants via this innovative concept. Help strengthen team cohesion by taking collective decisions and transport your colleagues far from the everyday, helping them develop better communications skills and encouraging them to share ideas in their teams.

Here’s a taster of what to expect!

Our team will take care of everything and can adapt to all your specific requirements.

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