In France and beyond our borders, Cider, Poiré, Calvados and Bénédictine are much appreciated. We want to take you into the great distilleries of Normandy to share some of their production secrets!

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You will find these distilleries in the heart of the pays d’Auge, in nature reserves and also in the countryside inland from the coast. These are the type of places where you can take the time to “mark, learn and inwardly digest”. During these visits you will hear stories about alambics,  eau-de-vie, the “offering unto the angels” (“la part des anges”, a reference to that part of the cask contents that evaporates during the ageing process). Next time you siphon up one of these nectars you will know a little bit more about its history and manufacture and appreciate it all the more.

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At the Château Du Breuil, where Calvados Pays d’Auge is made, take in the setting a moment: a château with rose-tinted tiles, typical of Augeron architecture – quite a spectacle! In Cambremer, you will discover the Calvados Huet. Roll out the barrel! – for there you can clamber inside one and get high on the aromas stored inside.

In the Cotentin you can visit the organic distillery where the Père Mahieu cider is made. And if you prefer pears, why not try the Yonnière farm where they make poiré. Or at an altogether different level take another deep breath and go to the Bénédictine Palace near Fécamp where the famous drink has been prepared (exclusively) since it was “rediscovered ”in 1863. Ingredients include 27 plants and spices no less! And the proto-neo-flamboyant-gothic-proto-neo-Renaissance “palace” and manufactory is an experience in itself!

The excess consumption of alcohol is dangerous to health and should be consumed with moderation. As usual…

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The Normandy Cider Route

The Normandy Cider Route

The Normandy cheese route

The Normandy cheese route

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