River fishing – AAPPMA of Dieppe and its surroundings

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The Dieppe Fishing and Aquatic Environment Protection Association provides some 30 km of river banks with a salmonid predominance divided between 3 rivers in Seine-Maritime: the Arques river (in which flow the Eaulne, Varenne and Bethune rivers), the Saâne river and the Scie river.
Auffay is located ahead of the Scie river basin and provides trout fishing lovers with the opportunity to fish along the paths managed by the association. Various fishing licences are available depending on the length of your stay (for a year, a week or a day) and on your age (uner 12, under 18 and adults).
You can buy your fishing licence at the resellers: Quincaillerie Barré located Place du Lieutenant Raymondy in Auffay or at the shop Violon d'Ingre located Place Daniel Boucour in Val-de-Saâne.