Cani Rando Récréative

Equipements de loisirs,


The recreational sled-dog outing is an original and dynamic way to visit the beautiful Perche forests, not far from Paris (2 hrs).

Leaving from Saint-Martin-du-Vieux-Bellême (close by Bellême, a charming small town), we invite you on a walking hike in the company of a 4-legged team-mate!
Attached to the dog by a specially designed belt, you will cover 10.5 km together through the forest of Bellême.

Your guide will introduce you to this new discipline and you will set off with his help to enjoy 1 hour 30 minutes of discoveries and emotions.
Circuit with 2 more or less challenging variants.
On the way, you will travel through an ancient Celtic camp, along the route of the former railway and under a traditional bridge, exploring the remains of the former railway halt in La Herse and the fine oaks in the Bellême forest. First off, you will see the village of St Martin with the enclosure of the priory and the church. You can enjoy the gorgeous panoramas over the Perche countryside and make your way along the hollow paths that are typical of the region. There are 2 breaks during the trip.

For that little bit extra during the break, you can order a Perche snack to enjoy.

Minimum 6 people, reservation 48 hours ahead of time.
This is an energetic activity that may be unadvisable in certain situations (pregnancy, back problems, heart disease, etc.).
Activity for ages 6 and over. Make sure you wear some good walking shoes.



  • Car park


  • Groups welcome