Anges Paintball

Equipements de loisirs,


In this sports activity, two teams compete, following the same goal: eliminate their opponents according to a scenario that has been chosen by the players. Each group is followed and supervised by one or more referees, in charge of explaining the rules and safety guidelines and making sure they are followed. They are also in charge of explaining the scenario before each game.
The scenarios can vary from one game to another.
For instance, you will have to defend the towers for a given time, to eliminate all your opponents, to capture a flag and bring it back to your base, to elimnate the captain, etc.
To complete these objectives, each player carries a marker that propels paintballs (maximum range 30 metres) in order to eliminate opponents by marking them with paint. when a player is hit and the paintball has left a mark, he is eliminated from the game and waits for another one to start. A game generally lasts 5 to 15 minutes.
There is a rest time between games (recovery, rehydration, cleaning, and sharing game impressions, etc.)
The paint is biodegradeable, non-toxic and water-soluble. They are made of a gelatin capsule (just like medicine) and contain food colouring.
A field has thus been created with trenches, bomb craters, bunkers, towers, two bases and obstacles to play at a fast speed. We can welcome non-equipped players (we rent out all the equipment) and equipped players (we sell amunitions) to spend a nice, friendly time.
A pleasant and innovative activity for your events: birthdays, stag and hen partiies, etc.



  • Uncovered picnic area
  • Barbecue
  • Car park
  • Toilet block


  • Animals welcome
  • Groups welcome