Brand new fine-dining restaurant in Rouen. This young, 24-year-old, chef has just opened his first restaurant, which can seat 25 people. Here, good seasonal produce are prepared in order to be at their best and enhance their flavours. Despite his age, Rodolphe Pottier already has an impressive background that took him to the Bristol, the Ritz, and to work with Anne-Sophie Pic and even Thierry Marx.

Menus range from €25 to €65.

His philosophy:

"When words lack meaning, the senses speak for them. I love touching, smelling, looking at the product to make the best of it, to enhance it. My relationship to nature guides my work.

My passionate suppliers, in harmony with our environment, are involved on a daily basis in this process.

My creative process becomes clear very quickly, my love of good food often takes over, my stomach leads the way.

Through my cooking, I would like to share and transpose the values and emotions that are mine: pleasure, sharing and conviviality."