Pegasus Bridge Café Gondrée



Small and typical café built in 1965 in Bénouville, near the bridge over the Caen canal, close to the sea, the Pegasus Bridge Café Gondrée was acquired in 1934 by Georges and Thérèse Gondrée, whose daughter Arlette Gondrée - the present-day owner - was 4 at the time of its liberation.

Arlette is delighted to welcome you and to offer you an insight into the historic feat that took place right here.
This was the first house in France to be liberated on the night of the 5th to 6th of June 1944, by the British 6th Airborne Division.
Transformed into a small field hospital as from the early hours after its liberation, the wounded were cared for and operated inside the café, specifically in the dining room.
The Gondrée family forwarded information to Britain during the occupation and, in acknowledgment of this historic feat, and in memory of the regiment whose emblem was Pegasus, they named their café the Pegasus Bridge Café Gondrée.

This café and museum is one of the leading D-Day Landing heritage and memorial sites and has, since 1944, been a sanctuary for veterans and tourists alike.