From imposing medieval strongholds to peaceful half-timbered residences with thatched roofs, Normandy is a land rich in castles and manor houses.

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Many prestigious monuments remain as illustrations of Norman military architecture from the days when English kings were Dukes of Normandy, such as the castles of Caen and Falaise (Calvados), Château-Gaillard at Les Andelys, Gisors and Harcourt (Eure).

The châteaux of Balleroy, Saint-Germain-de-Livet (Calvados), Bizy, Champ-de-Bataille (Eure), Carrouges, Le Haras du Pin (Orne), the Manoir d’Ango in Varengeville-sur-Mer (Seine-Maritime) are fine examples of grandiose non-military architecture.

These rich residences occasionally recall prominent historical figures, such as Henri IV and Chateaubriand at Fervaques (Calvados), Michelet at Vascoeuil (Eure) or Guy de Maupassant in Miromesnil (Seine-Maritime).

Some castles and châteaux house museums too:

Caen, Crèvecoeur-en-Auge, Pontecoulant (Calvados), Beaumesnil, Vascoeuil (Eure), Bricquebec (Manche), Flers (Orne), Dieppe, Eu, Martainville,…

Some are also famous for the beauty of their parks and gardens:

Champ-de-Bataille (Eure), Vendeuvre (Calvados), the Château de Canon (Calvados), Vauville (Manche), Bosmelet (Seine Maritime), Beaumesnil (Eure) and many more.

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