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Working in green surroundings is what everyone is after these days, but let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to set up your office in a garden!

Add greenery to your corporate event

The grounds of Valasse Abbey offer a verdant working environment, with their 60 hectares planted with remarkable trees. While it is possible to set up tables, chairs and flipboards in the gardens here during certain months of the year, that solution clearly isn’t feasible year-round.

So, we decided to bring nature into the abbey, and into your potential work space! Christophe Quedreux won the commission to take a panoramic photograph of the grounds, to then have it reproduced on a wall over eight metres in length. The technique mastered and the shot taken, it was over to the company IDESS in Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine to come up with the final product.

The result is quite entrancing, the image drawing you in – the feeling you get of wanting to enter into the décor is quite startling! This space now proves exceptionally warm and convivial, perfectly reflecting the surrounds.

Situated between Rouen and Le Havre, Le Valasse Abbey offers a peaceful work setting, with its contemplative, inspiring atmosphere. Each space, be it a meeting room, a co-working area or one of the offices for hire, is set out and decorated to provide you with the comfort and feel you require.

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