Villers-sur-Mer villas

Patrimoine culturel, 


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Villas – Julien Boisard© (1)
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The seaside resort of Villers-sur-Mer is home to a wealth of architectural heritage, in the heart of a verdant coastal setting. Its amphitheatre-style configuration and its urban planning are what typify this seafront resort’s identity, offering a prime choice for visitors in search of an authentic and picturesque destination.

The resort is home to several splendid villas, some of which you’ll need to look harder for, in Second French Empire and Belle Epoque style. On the heights, the elegance of certain villas competes with the sophistication of others, all embracing the fine sea views and, collectively offering Villers a share of its remarkable historic heritage.

In the town centre, by the seafront, where space is a rarity and highly sought-after, some magnificently sumptuous old villas in red brick with their dark grey slate roofs all seem to be competing in a beauty contest. Many of them are also home to magnificent and opulent gardens, where the sun and the shade are astutely exploited.

To best appreciate these villas, take a walk along the promenade by the beach before heading to the foot of the Black Cow Cliffs, there where it all began. Finally, the hardiest of visitors can take to the heights for a glimpse of some of the jewels of our typical seafront architecture.

The Tourist Office organises guided tours to discover this unique built heritage!



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