The green dinosaur

Cultural Heritage, 


dinosaure verdure

The resort’s emblem.

Located between Villers and Houlgate, the Black Cow Cliffs are a palaeontological site of great scientific renown. Among the many discoveries on the site, the fossil of a 10 metre-long pliosaur, an ichtyosaurus, a saltwater ‘crocodile’, and many ammonites, sea urchins and sponges have been unearthed.

In order to popularise this exceptional heritage, a giant dinosaur made of greenery has been installed in the town centre, in the gardens opposite the Tourist Office.
Over the years, it has become the resort’s emblem.

This huge, 12 metre-long and 7 metre-high dinosaur is comprised of an iron frame filled with 6 tonnes of earth, in which a total of 9,000 plants grow:

• 7,000 green pyrethrums for the top of the back and body
• 2,000 alternantheras or rubras for the belly.

The dinosaur is installed by the council department in charge of green spaces in June, so that these plants can grow enough throughout the season. It is removed in November. When installed, its return is always the occasion for a long-awaited celebration that also marks the start of the summer!
Worthy of note… recently, the daddy dinosaur has been joined by his baby dinosaur.

A genuine landmark within the resort, it is frequently admired by visitors who take it home with them in the form of souvenir photos.