Park of the Château de Lorière

Patrimoine culturel,


18th-century château with a 19th-century grounds.
Outdoor visit of the park and the vegetable garden.
Created in the 19th century, the Lorière park is an English-style garden with lawns, woods and groves of exotic trees: Sequoias Wellingtonia, Calabria black pines, Lebanon cedars, Virginia junipers and a spectacular western red cedar. As you stroll through the park, discover lovely views to the south and west of the hills of the Perche region. The walled vegetable garden was redesigned in the spirit of vegetable plots of yesteryear and has been awarded the "Potager de France" label. The rose garden has been awarded the "Jardin Remarquable" label.

Ratings and quality marks

  • Jardin remarquable


Base rate - full rate adult : 5 €
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Base rate - full rate adult 5€




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