Statue du musée de Normandie à Caen
S. Maurice
Salle des remparts au musée de Normandie à Caen
S. Maurice
Groupe d’enfants au Château de Caen
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Porte du chateau de Caen
JM Gatey
Musee de Normandie_Logis des gouverneurs©philippe Delval_Musee de normandie 2017 0025
©Musée de Normpandie, Ville de Caen / photo Philippe Delval

Musée de Normandie (Normandy Museum)

Patrimoine culturel, 


Musée de Normandie (Normandy Museum)

Enceinte du Château

14000 CAEN

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The Normandy Museum offers a panorama of the lives of the people who have occupied Normandy's entire territory, from prehistory to the massive migrations during the Early Middle Ages and up to the transformations brought to the rural landscape by the industrial revolution.

Programme of activities to suit all visitors: guided tours, discovery trails, educational workshops, demonstrations and live performances.

Ticket sales at the Church of St. George, opposite the museum, within the Caen Castle enclosure.


Base rate - full rate adult : 3,50 € Base rate - full rate adult : 5,50 €
Base rate - full rate adult 3,50€
Base rate - full rate adult 5,50€


Free for all



  • Picnic area
  • Bar, cafeteria, tea room
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor games
  • Indoor games


  • Shop
  • Bicycle parking
  • Free WIFI
  • Groups welcome