Montperthuis Gardens

Patrimoine culturel,


Since 2010, the gardens have been laid down around buildings that are currently being restored and are typical of the Perche region, including a 15th and 16th century manor house, a farm house, seigniorial barn, stables and pigsties, bakery, hemp oven and covered well.

The garden has been adapted to the buildings and their uses, with a vegetable garden and orchard, preserving traditional Perche cider and eating apples near the communal areas, a medieval medicinal plant garden near the manor house, an osmanthus and grass broderie, a collection of ornamental cherry trees, oak, lime trees and hawthorn. Over 300 vintage and botanical roses, a collection of peonies and magnolias.
The garden is continually changing, and year after year its form and structure emerges.

There are non-guided visits, but a guide is available on request.


Base rate - full rate adult : 5 €
Price Min. Max.
Base rate - full rate adult 5€




  • Plant nursery / Plant sales
  • Bar, cafeteria, tea room
  • Picnic area
  • Toilets


  • Animals welcome
  • Groups welcome