Ménil-Hubert-en-Exmes Château

Patrimoine culturel,


This large, rectangular residence is adorned at each end by non-protruding square pavilions, and impresses visitors with its elegant proportions and the austerity of the façade decorations.

The history of the estate is marked by the painter Edgar Degas (1834 -1917). After first staying at the château in 1859, he fell in love with the typical landscapes of Pays d'Auge and stayed here several times between 1861 and 1870. From this period, Degas left a number of works, particularly drawings of his hosts, several portraits of their daughter Hortense and also a painting of the room on the 1st floor of the château where he stayed. The pavilion with wood and brick sections, which for a few weeks was the painter’s studio, also bears witness to Degas’ presence on the site.

The estate extends for over 80 hectares. It includes a park, with a fine landscaped composition benefitting from the hilly and wooded nature of this part of Pays d'Auge, a small forest and a vegetable garden.
The park is remarkable for the importance of its hydraulic network.
Many technical buildings and workshops, a restored wash house. Along with these buildings is Degas’ studio and the small gamekeeper’s house.

Non-guided visit to the château park and exterior, please call if possible beforehand.


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Base rate - full rate adult 8€




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