Jardin de Manou Gardens

Patrimoine culturel,


The Jardin de Manou is a forever changing landscaped park elaborated in 1996. A park where a visual and tactile experience accompanies the olfactory experience.

The park’s owner, whom you may bump into somewhere along your way through the shrub beds, will be delighted to answer your questions.

Open to the public since 2008, this park and garden offers a range of different activities:
1- tours of the landscaped park and its many hidden corners. As the seasons go by, the garden colours change, taking you on a journey through an array of fragrances.
2- tour of the former farm, with an insight into its history and its farm buildings - intact since 1950 - together with an account of the life of its inhabitants under German occupation.
3- Tea-Time in the garden in the gloriette or by the pond.
4- culinary workshops on request.
5- a family programme including a choice of games: ‘wizards shield’, ‘giant cluedo’ and ‘open game’.

Please keep pets on a leash.



  • Childrens' toilet


  • Shop
  • Bicycle parking
  • Animals welcome