Espace Naturel Sensible : le sentier des coteaux de Saint-Michel

Patrimoine naturel,


In the hills above Evreux, get ready to travel through time and nature.
Forming an island of nature isolated in the middle of the urban area, the hills of Evreux overlook the city centre. Made of calcareous soil that is particularly exposed to sunlight and steep, they are home to a range of exceptional dry and hot natural environments. Far from the clichés of Normandy, numerous Mediterranean, and even mountainous, plant and animal species have established themselves there! Through grasslands and woods, go and explore the path and panoramic views of Saint-Michel hills. With six sections indicated by markers, and their QR codes or dedicated brochure, you will be able to learn more about the natural gems found in these hills, their history and the preservation measures that are carried out. If you hear bells, it's probably the sheep moving to another pasture in the hills! This municipal herd of sheep, led by the shepherd of the City of Evreux, maintains the natural lawns and preserves the biodiversity by going back to grazing techniques that used to be done in these hills in the past.



  • Groups welcome