Chocolaterie La Route du Cacao chocolate factory

Patrimoine culturel,


Located in one of the few quarters spared by the 1944 bombings, the Desmares Manor, built in the 15th century, is a fine example of Lisieux's historic heritage. This former salt barn has been restored and converted. Chocolate making laboratory on the first floor, sales area and tea room on the ground floor. During the visit: a 22-minute video explaining the origins of cocoa, tasting session with different varieties, demonstration of the chocolate maker's skill.

We nevertheless recommend you call in the morning to make sure the visit is still scheduled.


Base rate - full rate adult : 4 € Child rate : 3 €
Price Min. Max.
Base rate - full rate adult 4€
Child rate 3€




  • Bar, cafeteria, tea room


  • Shop
  • Groups welcome