Bois-Hibout Manor

Patrimoine culturel,


This manor house was built in the 17th century by Leduc de la Falaise, who was valet to the French King Louis XIV. It was later owned by a Lord from Bois-Hibout, to whom it owes its present-day name.
Transformed to house a Gendarmerie in the 19th century, the building is also referred to as the ‘Lieutenancy’.

The façade still bears the traces of former openings. They probably mark the presence of a former wing, perpendicular to the present-day building, which was destroyed in the early 20th century. They can still be seen on old postcards of the site.

The manor was built in Caen stone on a sandy base. It has no foundations but lies on walls of a width of two metres.



  • Animals welcome