A fun and out-of the-ordinary choice for an away day or teambuilding activity, Calvados Experience will plunge you, your clients and your colleagues into a multi-sensory world as you learn all about the most Norman of beverages, calvados apple brandy. Taking a self-guided tour through a series of themed rooms, you’ll follow the story of calvados and see just how it is miraculously transformed from fruit into delicious liquid gold!

Calvados Experience

Situated on the site of one of the oldest Calvados distilleries, Père Magloire, Calvados Experience makes for an unusual and fun choice for a corporate activity!

On your multi-sensory self-guided tour, you’ll travel back to the time of the Vikings (the Normans’ ancestors) and back to the present day, all while learning and watching how Normandy’s apples are magically turned into calvados apple brandy, which is then exported from the region’s many orchards right throughout France and around the world.

The tour ends with a tasting of some of Père Magloire’s flagship products and the chance to peruse an impressively vast selection of different calvados at the Calvados Experience shop.

Calvados Experience


Iris Meilink, Calvados Experience
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Iris Meilink, Calvados Experience

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