On your next trip to Normandy, get prepared to fall under the spell of Claude Monet, the most famous Impressionist painter of all time. Did you know that Claude Monet was a gourmet as well as an artistic genius? Alongside his inspiration to create the glorious Nymphaea masterpieces, Claude Monet had a real passion for food during his life in Giverny. His culinary journals are filled with detailed recipes and notes about what he ate at the time, reflecting his legendary taste for aesthetics. Today you can take part in one of Normandy’s finest cookery courses and discover his authentic recipes. Get your chef’s hat on!

Hone your cooking skills!

Whether you’re an aspiring chef or a novice in the kitchen keen to get a deeper insight into home cooking, you’re invited to join Régine Boidin’s, an acclaimed local chef with a serious passion for cooking and teaching, for a workshop like no other. In her beautiful 19th century country home near Etretat, the Gourmet Manor, embark on a culinary journey inspired by Monet’s timeless recipe journals. A wonderful experience under her expert guidance!

The warm and friendly vibe of the Gourmet Manor is apparent as soon as you walk through the door. Around a hearty cup of coffee, Régine shares anecdotes about Claude and Marguerite’s passion for food, Monet’s very own cook in Giverny. To emulate the chic country house ambiance, a fireplace warms the atmosphere. On the agenda today, a mouth-watering three-course meal with fantastic and fresh ingredients: a cheese soufflé, a chicken supreme Honfleur style flamed with Calvados and Marguerite’s very’s own signature apple tart. Sounds deliciously delightful, right?

Cuisiner les recettes de Monet à Etainhus - Experience
© Danielle Dumas

Ready for some action in the kitchen !

We head for the kitchen, bathed in a beautiful Norman light that captured the heart of Impressionists painters. On the work surface, Régine has placed all the raw products, delivered directly from the surrounding farms and vegetable gardens. Time to get to work!

During the class, we learn about the importance of quality ingredients when cooking and, of course, we try our hands at preparing the soufflés ourselves. The recipe instructions are easy to grasp! Once they turn golden brown, we head to the kitchen to savour them. High yellow walls, chandeliers and silver cutlery, old world charm and an elaborate period decor combine to create an elegant backdrop to the fine cuisine we get to sample. French art of the table at its best!  

We are treated to preparing a delicious meal where every dish is beautifully presented : farm chicken “à la Normande” with bacon and cream and a beautiful apple tart. Alternating between cooking, eating our creations and discussing Régine’s experience as a chef as well as her endless recipes, the session flies by!

Leaving Régine’s house is not easy after indulging in such a culinary treat! We’ve learnt that home cooking Impressionist-style doesn’t have to be hard work and is very rewarding in the relaxed atmosphere of her house. We definitely found inspiration for our next dinner party and we are eager to continue our discovery journey on the footsteps of Impressionist painters in Normandy.

Le manoir des gourmets

Nestled in the Normandy’s countryside between Etretat and Deauville, this 19th century manor house and its park await for a unique cookery class in stunning surroundings.  

© Danielle Dumas


Cookery Class Inspired by Claude Monet’s culinary journals
An experience brought to you by Normandy Melody with acclaimed chef Régine Boidin.

price 2021 (to be confirmed)

90 € per person

Information provided may be subject to changes.

Régine Boidin


Join Régine and her contagious enthusiasm on a unique cookery course 19th century style.
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