Normandy is home to two French National Studs, Le Haras du Pin built by Louis XIV in 1714, thus known as the “Versailles for horses” with 2,500 acre estate.

Le Haras du Pin, Orne

The Orne department is known as horse country thanks to its many equestrian centres, stables and stud farms, not least the national stud Le Haras du Pin. Considered the equestrian Versailles, this magnificent 18th-century stud farm and stables was approved by Louis XIV as a royal stud farm in order to strengthen bloodlines through controlled breeding. This is still the Haras du Pin’s main practice today. A true temple to the horse, visitors can learn about everything from breeding, to care and training at the Le Pin visitors’ centre. Take a guided tour to view the grounds, see where the saddles and fancy bridles are kept and meet the regal stallions themselves.

Le "Versailles du Cheval"

Haras de Saint-Lô

Le Haras de Saint-Lô, built in 1806, is dedicated to the breeding of Selle Française (the French warmblood), the Norman Cob and Percheron. They provide services such as

the identification of horse family members, siring, semen dissemination, training, research and knowledge dissemination.

A fine example of 19th century architecture, the National Stud at Saint-Lô has 40 breeders of over 7 different pedigrees

Bienvenue à la ferme

Developed as part of the ‘Bienvenue à la Ferme’ network, equestrian farms offer educational and entertaining activities for all in a relaxed atmosphere on the farm.

You will be welcomed by the owners of local farms and will be able to take part in courses, take improvement lessons, go on accompanied rides, and find somewhere to stay for you and your horse.

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Equestrian farms offer educational and entertaining activities