William the Conqueror's route

This superb marked route is based on the gallop of William the Conqueror.


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This superb marked route is based on the gallop of William the Conqueror. In 1046, whilst being pursued by the barons of Normandy, the future king of England managed to ride from Valognes to Falaise in less than a day. Today this 130 mile route begins at the bay of Veys (Géfosse-Fontenay), crosses the landscapes of the Bessin, from Normandy’s characteristic ‘bocage’ landscape to Suisse Normande for a grand arrival at the Chateau of Falaise.

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Detailed trails

Download the trail information sheet and the maps for the usefull information and for discovering the great sites not to be missed

Trail 1 from Géfosse-Fontenay to Formigny : Maps 123 and 4
Trail 2 from Formigny to Ryes : Maps 4 and 5
Trail 3 from Ryes to Martragny : Maps 67 and 8
Trail 4 from Martragny to Noyers-Bocage : Maps 91011 and 12

Trail 5 from Noyers-Bocage to Roucamps : Maps 12,13, 14, 15 and 16

Trail 6 from Roucamps to Le Vey / Clécy : Maps 161718 and 19
Trail 7 from Le Vey / Clécy to Pont d'Ouilly :  Maps 19 and 20
Trail 8 from Pont d'Ouilly to Falaise : Maps 2021 and 22


A 130 miles route based on the gallop of William the Conqueror


Not to be missed

  • Bayeux boasts a fabulous historic centre as well as its world-famous, UNESCO-listed tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of England in 1066.
  • ‘Norman Switzerland’ is not a mountainous area, but a delightful, steep, wildish stretch around the Orne Valley south of Caen.
  • A tremendously imposing medieval castle still dominates the town of Falaise. It acts as a reminder that this was the birthplace of the fearsome William the Conqueror.