William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror, one of the most brilliant warriors of all time, stands at the crossroads of Anglo French history. The Norman Conquest and the Anglo Norman kings' struggles to establish their independence from the mainland were essential steps in the evolution of the English nation state.

From Rollo to William the Conqueror

The Norman Conquest

During the 10th and the 13th centuries, the glorious period of the Dukes of Normandy, the region began to gain some independence. Starting with Viking Rollo and then with William the Conqueror and Richard the Lionheart, who built castles, churches, abbeys and other architectural masterpieces, which would class Normandy as one of the richest provinces in the kingdom.

Normandy has always been a popular destination to discover the medieval landmarks and relics from the turbulent Middle Ages despite the 1000 years of history that separates the French and the English.

In Normandy you will discover the legacy of this fascinating medieval past and its sacred places.

Walk in William the Conqueror's footsteps

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