Rouen and the bends of the River Seine

Rouen, stretching beside the Seine, is Normandy’s cultured, historic, gastronomic, vibrant capital. Monet’s canvases of the cathedral have made it the best-loved building in town, but many other glories stand out.

Explore Rouen

The Impressionists' open-air studio

The open-air studio of the most famous painters, Rouen and the Seine Valley will offer you an unforgettable Impressionist journey. Like Monet, you will be dazzled by its cathedral and the variations in its colours with the changing light. Like Pissarro and Sisley, you will be captivated by the narrow streets charged with history, the magic of the river and the picturesque villages that line its banks.

In 1892 and 1893, Claude Monet stayed in Rouen on several occasions. He discovered the city’s artistic potential, in particular its cathedral, whose beauty immediately leapt to his eyes. He found a small room to rent right in front of the building. He was sure it would give him the perfect view. Sitting at its window, Monet painted a large series of pictures at different moments of the day and in different weather conditions, with the cathedral alone as his subject. He worked 11 hours each day and was sometimes working on 14 canvases at the same time.

Like Monet, you will be dazzled by Rouen Cathedral