Historical Route: D-Day Beaches to the Mont-Saint-Michel

This route sets off from the D-Day Landing Beaches (Utah Beach, Port-en-Bessin or Arromanches) and finishes at the Mont-Saint-Michel, with the opportunity to marvel at 2 UNESCO-listed sites on the way: the Bayeux tapestry together with the Mont-Saint-Michel and its Bay.


Explore the historic and cultural Norman heritage by riding through the characteristic landscape of wetlands and pasture bordered by hedgerows, know as 'bocage', with stops at Port-en-Bessin, Arromanches, Utah Beach, the Wetlands of the Cotentin peninsula, Bayeux, the Viaduc de la Souleuvre, the 'Bocage normand' district and the bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel.


130 miles in Normandy


This itinerary is suitable for the whole family, alternating greenways for over half of the route, with country lanes.

Detailed trails

From Utah Beach / Sainte-Marie-du-Mont:

Trail 1: Sainte-Marie-du-Mont / Carentan (PDF)

Trail 2 : Carentan / Saint-Lô (PDF)

Trail 3 : Saint-Lô / Viaduc de la Souleuvre (PDF)

Trail 4 : Viaduc de la Souleuvre / Mortain (PDF)

Trail 5 : Mortain / Ducey (PDF)

Trail 6 : Ducey / Le Mont-Saint-Michel (PDF)

From Gold Beach / Arromanches:

Trail 1 Bis: Arromanches ou Port-en-Bessin / Bayeux (PDF)

Trail 2 Bis: Bayeux / Villers-Bocage (PDF)

Trail 3 Bis: Villers-Bocage / Viaduc de la Souleuvre (PDF)

Trail 4 : Viaduc de la Souleuvre / Mortain (PDF)

Trail 5 : Mortain / Ducey (PDF)

Trail 6 : Ducey / Le Mont-Saint-Michel (PDF)

Detailed map

Download detailed maps, the sites not to be missed and practical information for each step of your journey.

> Route map (PDF)

> Historical route flyer (PDF)

For more information on the route, please click here.

'Accueil Vélo' along the historical route

The national brand 'Accueil Vélo' guarantees cyclists the best possible welcome all over France.

The brand applies to accommodation, tourist offices, as well as rental and repair companies.

All these providers are easily recognisable on your way to the Mont-Saint-Michel as they bear the 'Accueil Vélo' logo.

> Carentan > La Ferrière-Harang (viaduc de la Souleuvre)

> Arromanches-les-Bains > La Ferrière-Harang (viaduc de la Souleuvre)

> La Ferrière-Harang > Mortain

> Mortain > Le Mont-Saint-Michel


Not to be missed

  • Soaring church towers have embellished Caen’s skyline since William the Conqueror’s time.
  • Bayeux boasts a fabulous historic centre as well as its world-famous, UNESCO-listed tapestry depicting the Norman conquest of England in 1066.
  • An amazing armada of Allied troops, British, American, Canadian and more, landed on Normandy’s beaches on 6th June 1944 to begin the liberation of Europe from years of Nazi occupation.