Parks and Gardens - Seine-Maritime

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Les Jardins Suspendus du Havre

Jardin de Valérianes

Jardins de l'abbaye Saint-Georges de Boscherville

Jardin Plume

Le jardin des Sculptures de Bois-Guilbert

Parc et Jardin Potager de Miromesnil

Bois des Moutiers

Le Vasterival

Parc de Clères

Le Clos du Coudray

Jardins d'Angélique

The XVIIth century mansion looks down on two gardens each created from scratch: one dreamy, romantic and one Italianate

Parc et Verger Les Prés

Here we are at Criel-sur-Mer, at the park and orchard of ‘Les Prés”… and, as its name suggests there are…. apple trees and a cider distillery. And that would be all if the Tailleux family hadn’t also had the idea of creating a garden on the 8 hectares (20 acres) which make up the estate… a swathe of green surrounding a 1900 villa, with the river Yères on the horizon.

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